How are you guys at On24 using virtual backgrounds on the event stream?

Are you guys using Zoom and then streaming the video from Zoom with something like OBS? Would really like to know more about it.

I guess I’m thinking it’s live, but maybe it’s just because it’s pre-recorded with Zoom?

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Hello @miles.szkoda.1,

We did this by downloading the snap camera app and applying that to our webcam. Here is a blog that gives you step by step instrucgtions on how to do so :slight_smile:

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Thanks Samira! 20202020

What is the overall school of thought on using virtual backgrounds? There are people who talk about using them and people who talk about how that’s the last thing you should do for a meeting. Some articles run pros and cons.

How does everyone feel about this topic?

I’m not a big fan of them. I think with a lot of people they cut off sections of your head and also just make it look more corporate or childish. We use a physical banner behind our presenter for most things.

I was actually more looking for a way to steam a Zoom call into On24 so that I didn’t have to have my presenters disable VPNs or use different browsers or things like that.

I deal with a lot of Pharma industry people and their devices are usually very locked down and sometimes they can’t get video/audio to work with On24 at all simply because their IT group won’t unlock the site.

I think I found a way and have been working on it, but figured I’d check to see if they had a better way.